Piano Love

I was really surprised to see all the love for our piano! So exciting to see people taking pictures and videos of them playing it. (Pictures above found on Instagram #pianosonparade). I teamed up with a middle schooler, as part of a volunteer project, to paint this piano a few months ago. Gold Coast Argo Tea has been its home along with two other pianos.

I really just wanted to make something that would be colorful and graphic so I chose ‘Pop Art’ as an overall theme. I also thought it would be an easy style to teach Matthew about. This project was a great experience and I had a lot of fun, however I will admit that it was somewhat of a challenge for me at times. Mainly because, as designers, many of us tend to be very nit-picky and working with a 15 year old from start to finish made it difficult to be so particular. I think that I started out a little more controlling on what decisions were being made, but as time went on I was able to loosen up and have fun with it, while coaching Matthew in the process. He’s very talented and I think, or hope, that he learned a lot while working with me. I also won’t forget to mention my friend Rob, an Industrial Designer, who came in many times to help us out (He was basically like a second teen… haha jk, no but really he was more excited about the juice boxes than any of us). Many hours spent on this baby! Happy to see that others are enjoying all of our hard work!


I took this watercolor and sharpie painting I had laying around and made two nifty desktop wallpapers out of it. The blue/greeinish one is the original, the red/pinkish one has been digitally assaulted in photoshop. I like the rich colors, and I think the design itself is pretty fun for desktops. It’ll get your eyes wandering around, and maybe if you stare into it long enough you’ll catch yourself falling out of phase into a parallel dimension. If you’d like to take it, just right click on either image, click save image as, and its all yours! I tested this out on my computer and it seemed to work out fine, but I don’t know a whole lot about screen resolution, so let me know if it looks like shit.